The main goal is to get back to America, the real America.  Built by faith and heroes. Historically, America has been a beacon of hope, strength, and charity. From shore to shore we've shined.  As of late, America has been derailed and desperately needs to get back on track. Like me you see all that is wrong in this country.  You may shop looking for that "Made in America" stamp to help your fellow citizens or find ways to support your community and further our countries need for help and change. (10% donation of sales price to specific American charities, see “Charity” tab.)

You possess strong values and appreciation for the traditional American way...you may have dreams and aspirations for yourself, your family, or a friend.  We  create inspirational designs to combine faith, function, and a message.  Faith we can be mega supporters (MAGA) - Make America Great Again supporters.  A goal we can outwardly inspire others with hope and fashion (common) sense. 

Reach millions to bring about positive change, wear your statement, proudly.

No fear, just faith that we, each of us, can make a change.

From our family to yours.